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Lean4Life Services

“My Small Changes” approach has achieved big results for my clients.”

— Dr. Charlie Seltzer

Hands-on Clinical Supervision

Dr. Seltzer is the only physician in the United States to hold all three of the following certifications:

  • Board certification in Obesity Medicine
  • American College of Sports Medicine, Clinical Exercise Specialist
  • Board certification in Internal Medicine

Working individually with each and every client throughout the process, he provides diverse, interesting programs based on your unique needs and progress level. Your customized plan may incorporate:

  • Solutions to address pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol
  • Prescription medicines and extensive diagnostic testing, as needed
  • Use of clinically proven supplements

Inside-Out Approach to Diet and Nutrition

Dr. Seltzer’s comprehensive battery of lab work uses traditional and cutting-edge markers to provide a complete picture of your metabolic, biochemical and hormonal status. After reviewing your current diet and nutrition plan, Dr. Seltzer will provide both micro- and macro-nutrient recommendations based on your unique profile.

Undiagnosed or Pre-Existing Health Issues

Dr. Seltzer will work with you to develop solutions to address your individual needs, including:

Thyroid deficiencies Testosterone deficiencies
Menopausal symptoms Low libido/sexual dysfunction
Hormonal imbalance Decreased muscle mass
Sleep issues Diminished Exercise Performance

Medically Supervised Exercise & Fitness Regimens

As a board certified clinical exercise specialist, Dr. Seltzer knows how to design exercise programs to address all fitness levels—whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone whose physical activity has been challenged by other health conditions. At Lean4Life, you’ll be provided goal-specific cardiovascular and resistance training programs; ongoing assessments/adjustments to ensure continued progress; and access to a network of personal trainers to execute your designed program.

Individualized Health Coaching

Your personalized Lean4Life plan will be designed to integrate into your lifestyle and create a foundation for self-sufficiency by teaching healthy lifestyle habits. Dr. Seltzer will develop a customized plan that factors in your barriers to success and incorporates small changes over time. Dr. Seltzer’s clients are quick to comment on his accessible, friendly, and supportive approach. You’ll enjoy hands-on, personal attention including convenient appointment access with Skype if you happen to travel, live in a different part of the country, or are unable to come into the office for appointments.