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Success Stories

KEVIN: “I weighed 503 pounds the day my journey began.”


“The day my journey began, walking 50 feet was a chore. Getting up from a chair was very difficult. But, I distinctly remember Charlie smiling and saying, ‘we will fix that.’ Words cannot sufficiently express what Charlie has done and is still doing for me, and some day I hope to share more of this journey. Until then, I must press on. There is no stopping now.”

Client since: 2012

  • Starting Weight: 503 pounds
  • Starting Shirt Size: 26
  • Starting Pant Size: 66
  • Current Weight: 350 pounds
  • Current Shirt Size: 20
  • Current Pant Size: 52

SARA: “I was an addict and I was dying…now I am lean and strong.”


“At 52 and for the first time in my life, I’m getting the attention of men on the street and am suddenly a late-blooming head-turner. My legs are strong enough to do anything and my abs are rock-hard. I now teach adaptive yoga to disabled people in a class that I was a student in for three years. I’ve graduated to the highest level of functioning possible all because last year when I almost died, I had a spark of hope and reached out across the country for help.”


  • 32 years of morbid obesity
  • 10 years of opiate addiction following surgery for spinal and knee pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • At highest weight of 333 pounds, Sara was on the verge of buying a walker
  • Two months after withdrawing from opiates, Sara started meeting with Dr. Seltzer via Skype

Dr. Seltzer’s Plan for Sara:

  • 1,400 calories-per-day food plan, including at least 100 grams of protein per day
  • Moderate physical movement
  • Journaling food intake online for Dr. Seltzer to monitor
  • Weekly Skype consultations in the beginning (later modified to every other week)


  • Currently 170 pounds
  • Eating close to 3,000 calories per day
  • Sleep apnea is gone
  • Jogs regularly and has climbed 1,500-foot mountains in an hour
  • Teaches adaptive yoga class

GREG: “There is no reason you can’t look better in the second half of your life than the first!”


“There are a few times in your life where a decision can change the course of your future. Meeting Dr. Charlie Seltzer was a defining moment for me. I am a guy who has worked out more than half my life. I thought I knew what a healthy diet was, but like most Americans, life got in the way. Dr. Seltzer taught me how and what to eat as well as an efficient way to work out. Being a client of his has truly changed my life. I have lost over 70 pounds, 14 inches off my waist and look better now (at 38) than I did in college. Oh, and by the way, the weight has remained off.”

Age: 38

“If you want to look great, feel great, live a healthy lifestyle and have more energy than your children, there is only one place to go…Lean4Life. Thank you Charlie; and more importantly, my family thanks you!”

-Greg Lean4Life client


  • Hectic travel schedule including multiple hotel stays each week
  • Young family
  • Active social life
  • Obese with no energy to speak of


  • Loss of more than 70 pounds—all of which has stayed off
  • Loss of 14 inches from waist

DAVID: “This has been the easiest (and last) forty pounds I’ll ever lose.”

“My experience with Dr. Charlie Seltzer has been amazing!  I’ve been surprised and delighted with how much work he’s done for me in 20-minute Skype meetings. He’s focused, gives clear instructions tailored to my strengths and weaknesses, and he’s an astonishing motivator. Charlie has helped me change my diet without being hungry, tired, or living on prepackaged food.”

Age: 52

“If you want to lose the weight, feel wonderful and get fit, too, talk to Dr. Charlie Seltzer. It’ll be the best and easiest thing you’ve ever done to really change your life.”

-David Lean4Life client


  • Loss of 40 pounds in 8 months
  • More energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Feet and back no longer hurt

PATTY: “I felt like a fit person trapped in a fat suit.”

“I will tell you I was a little embarrassed to go to my first appointment with Charlie but within minutes of meeting him, I realized he was my cheerleader, not someone secretly sitting back and wondering how I got so fat. He didn’t judge my size but acted as my partner in getting healthy. Charlie went beyond what even my doctor had done and the results have been amazing.”

“Dr. Charlie Seltzer has changed my life for the better. If you’re reading this, you should just call. Seriously, call.”

-Patty Lean4Life client


  • Very athletically fit, having worked with trainers and competed in a triathlon
  • Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder in 2011
  • While taking treatment for the disorder, Patty’s weight continued to climb
  • Over 7 years, she gained close to 40 pounds, despite being physically active

Dr. Seltzer’s Plan for Patty:

  • Tested all of Patty’s thyroid hormones and added one more thyroid hormone that her body was missing
  • Tweaked her eating plan and modified her workouts


  • Loss of more than 20 pounds
  • Patty is currently halfway toward reaching her goal